Painting wood and metal

Painting & Protecting Metal

Traditional Paint V Hammerite Video Hammerite Rust Video Below are 2 Videos from our friends over at Hammerite. Hammerite paint is perfect for an exterior job. The biggest worry for exterior metal is of course, rust, and Hammerite have developed a range of paints that are designed to destroy and protect from rust.

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Staining & Varnishing Wood

Stain is used in order to preserve the natural look of the wood, while adding a decorative colouring and protection. Staining & Varnishing, if done correctly, takes around 3 days. Preparing the wood for staining is an extremely important process. It ensures the stain will have an even and professional finish. The best of achieving… Read more »

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Stripping & Painting Wood

Stripping wood can vary depending on the type of surface that you are stripping wood from. There are 3 main way of removing paint from a wood. Sanding – This is ideal for small areas. Unless you want to hire and industrial sander, but that can be unnecessary and expensive. When sanding wood, you are… Read more »

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