Preparing Wood

Preparing wood for painting is actually very simple.

Firstly you will need to sand the wood. Sand paper can be purchased from any local hardware store. For the wood you’ll generally be painting over in a room (door frames and window frames) then a medium grit sand paper will be fine. A 120-150 grit paper will be perfect. Just sand the wood with the grain until the wood has a rough texture. Don’t sand too roughly, you risk damaging the finish of the wood.

Give the wood a clean with a slightly damp cloth. This will remove any dust from the surface. Next, simply apply a wood primer to the wood. Orion has a selection of Wood Primers available over at our Shop, but no matter which primer you choose, ensure you follow the manufacturers instructions when using the product.

Once the primer has fully dried, you are ready to apply your wood paint. For alternate ways of treating and painting wood, see our article on Wood & Metal.