Painting Masonry

Step 1 – Paint the walls!

Use short strokes if using a brush. If using a Roller, then incorporate the ‘W’ technique that we explained in our using a roller section. This will give you good coverage on the wall and allow you to finish the job in an efficient manner.

Step 2 – Cover the wall efficiently

Go over the paint again, this time in the opposite direction to ensure the wall is covered efficiently. Vary the angle of your strokes to make sure all the paint is used well. Cut into the corners and obstructions in exactly the same way you would an interior wall.

Step 3 – Finish the job correctly

Any leftover materials should be stored and disposed of in the correct manner. Do not empty external paint down drains. Ensure your brushes are nice and clean before storing them. If the paint you have used is water based, then simply wash with warm water and little soap. If you have used a solvent based paint, then use brush cleaner or white spirit. A selection of brush cleaning substances are available over at our Shop.