Forest Green Timber Care – 5 Litre

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Enhance your outdoor projects with Forest Green Timbercare, a sprayable fence paint designed for shed and fence application. This quick-drying, vibrant forest green formula ensures easy application and durable protection, perfect for both DIY enthusiasts and professional us

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Forrest Green Timber Care

Forest Green Timbercare by Tesco is a versatile, sprayable shed and fence paint  providing a vibrant and durable finish. Perfect for exterior applications, this timbercare enhances the adhesion of topcoats while offering added protection against the elements. Its rich forest green shade ensures deep color saturation, perfect for a variety of DIY and professional projects.

Features & Benefits

  • Vibrant Shade: Rich forest green color that adds depth and beauty to any project.
  • Sprayable Formula: Easy and even application with reduced painting time.
  • Enhanced Durability: Forms a protective barrier that enhances the longevity of the topcoat.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for a range of surfaces, including wood, shed, fences and decking.
  • Quick Drying: Dries rapidly to reduce wait times between coats.

Forest Green Timbercare is the go-to choice for those seeking ease of use and professional-grade results. Its sprayable nature ensures a smooth, even coat, making it ideal for large-scale projects or quick touch-ups.

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