Orion Branded Satinwood – Brilliant White 3L

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Orion’s Branded Brilliant White Water Based Satinwood paint delivers a sleek, satin finish that’s both eco friendly and durable. Perfect for woodwork, it offers a brilliant white shade that resists yellowing, enhances indoor aesthetics, and ensures quick project completion.


Orion’s Famous Satinwood

Brilliant White – 3L

Orion’s Famous Brilliant White Water Based Satinwood paint offers a sleek, satin finish that will brighten as well as protect your indoor woodwork.

This eco friendly, water based paint is perfect for woodwork and metal, providing a hard wearing surface that resists yellowing over time. Its brilliant white shade ensures a clean, sharp look that complements any interior design style.

  • Superior Finish: Provides a smooth, satin sheen that enhances the aesthetics of your woodwork and trim.
  • Eco Friendly: Low VOC content makes it safer for indoor use, reducing environmental impact and maintaining healthier air quality.
  • Durable: Water based formula that is resistant to knocks, scuffs, and fading, ensuring long lasting beauty and protection.
  • Quick Drying: Touch dry in approximately 1-2 hours, allowing for quicker project completion and less downtime.
  • Easy Application: Exceptional flow and leveling properties ensure a smooth application with fewer brush marks.
  • Non Yellowing: Water based Formula ensuring that the finish keeps its colour

Orion Brilliant white Satinwood is designed for those who value both aesthetics and environmental responsibility. Its brilliant white finish not only brightens your space but also offers a durable, low maintenance solution for your woodwork and trim. Ideal for both DIY enthusiasts and professional decorators.

Transform your home with the sophisticated appeal of Orion’s Branded Brilliant White. Its sleek finish makes it an excellent choice for creating a refreshing, contemporary look in any room. Perfect for revitalizing old furniture, doors, window frames and skirting boards to bring a new lease of life to your interior décor.

Suitable for interior and exterior wood and metal, the non yellowing formula benefits from excellent flow, fast drying and low odour ensuring easy application and minimal downtime.

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